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A cost-effective solution to host both single and multiple events
Our pricing model ensures you get the best value, whether you're planning a one-time event or a series.
Personalized features & pricing for your event
Whether it's a single event or a series throughout the year, EventBuoy is your partner in creating impactful event experiences. Choose the pricing model that fits your vision and let's make event magic together.
Multi-Event Annual License
Starts at $4,990
Up to 10 Events a Year
Custom Pricing
Discuss your requirements and receive a personalized quote.
A Frictionless Experience at Just $499!
Dive into the world of seamless event management with EventBuoy's special trial offer for first-time users. At just $499, gain access to a comprehensive suite of features including attendee registration, detailed agenda, speaker profiles, sponsor and exhibitor listings, and real-time push notifications.

Elevate your event experience and discover the difference with EventBuoy
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EventBuoy's Multi Event App offers event organizers a dynamic, efficient, and cost-effective solution for hosting both single and multiple events.
Enhance Your Event Experience with Add-On Features
Tailor your event app to your specific requirements.

  • Personalization & Branding: Make your event stand out. Customize the app's appearance to align with your brand's identity.
  • Hardware Integration: Foster immersive attendee interactions with integrated hardware functionalities.
  • Post-Event Analytics: Gain insights into attendee behavior, invaluable for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Advanced Networking: Harness Multi event app top-tier networking tools, ensuring attendees connect meaningfully.
  • Preview Module: Test and tweak. Preview your app without affecting the live version.
  • Archiving: Keep past events accessible and organized.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensure your event's security with multiple login methods and potential custom auth system integration.
  • Hosting on Google’s Firebase: Trust the robustness of Google's Firebase for hosting your events.
  • Extended Support: Our team is always ready. With priority support, every event you host shines.
Ready to revolutionize your event management process.
Craft Unforgettable Event Experiences with EventBuoy Apps
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