TapHero: Smart business cards on-chain.
TapHero is a groundbreaking solution that merges the tangible world of 3D printing with the power of ledgers on the blockchain.
Key features with TapHero Smart business cards
We offer physical 3d printed business cards enabled with NFC to our customers & community. The smart business cards are for an active web3 community.
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Smart business cards that promote privacy and security with blockchain technology.
With thoughtful design and security best practices in place, blockchain technologies for Smart Business Cards and Digital Collectibles can prioritize personal privacy along with innovation.
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Best practices and insights for using blockchain powered business cards
Best practices and insights that highlight the potential benefits and challenges of using blockchains as business cards. We emphasize the importance of adapting to the digital age and leveraging blockchain technology for professional networking.
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Adoption of digital collectibles leveraging smart business cards.
The adoption of smart business cards add value to professional networking in interesting ways.
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TapHero by Eventbuoy
We aim to provide a modern, interactive, and environmentally-friendly networking tool that leverages the power of blockchain for security and immutability, ensuring that networking remains personal, valuable, and up-to-date.

By offering 3D printed business cards embedded with NFC tags representing unique data assets on the blockchain, TapHero aims to revolutionize the way professionals network and share information.
TapHero is a dynamic networking tool for the modern professional.
  • 1
    Dynamic Updates
    Users can update their contact information on a digital profile stored on the blockchain, ensuring the same 3D printed card remains relevant for years.
  • 2
    ENS Integration
    Simplify blockchain addresses with human-readable names, making it easier for users to share their digital profile.
  • 3

    Data Storage on Blockchain

    A decentralized database to store contact information, ensuring data immutability and security. 4.
  • 4
    Interactivity & Engagement
    Owners can push updates or notifications to those who have scanned their card, enhancing engagement.
  • 5
    Integration with Other Systems
    Connect with CRM tools, email marketing platforms, or social media for a comprehensive networking experience.

  • 6
    Digital Storage
    Always have your business card available on any digital device, eliminating the risk of losing or discarding physical cards.
  • 7
    Enhanced Information
    Go beyond traditional card limitations by adding videos, resumes, brochures, and other digital content to your NFT business card.
  • 8
    Efficient Data Collection
    Trace transactions on the blockchain for marketing insights, such as participation in giveaways.
  • 9
    Direct Marketing
    Send promotional materials directly to the crypto wallet holding the NFT business card.
  • 10
    Membership Access
    Use the NFT business card as a unique key granting access to exclusive services or events.
  • 11
    Referral Programs
    Encourage sharing of your NFT business card and reward promoters by tracing shared NFTs on the blockchain.
  • 12
    Decentralized Data Ownership
    Store your business card information in your personal crypto wallet, ensuring better control and security.
  • 13
    Web3 Domains
    Enhance your digital presence by creating a website on a Web3 domain, offering decentralized control over your content.
Smart tags & business cards for modern professionals
By combining 3D printing, networking and blockchain infrastructure, TapHero offers a solution that's not only innovative but also sustainable and future-proof.

  1. Event Organizers: Offer attendees a unique takeaway and networking tool.
  2. Professionals: For those who frequently update their contact details or portfolio.
  3. Artists & Designers: Showcase their work and ensure clients always have the latest contact details.
  4. web3 Startups: Share dynamic company information with investors and partners.
  5. Freelancers: Provide clients with the latest portfolio and availability.
TapHero value to the networking ecosystem

  1. Direct Sales: Offer the TapHero cards at events, conferences, and online platforms.
  2. Collaborations: Partner with artists and designers for exclusive card designs, sharing revenue.
  3. Digital Marketplace: Allow users to trade or sell their unique NFTs, taking a small transaction fee.
TapHero Priorities 2024
Augmented Reality Integration
Scanning the NFC tag could bring the card to life on one's phone.
Global Expansion
Offer shipping and production in multiple regions to cater to a global clientele.
Workshops & Training
Educate businesses on the benefits and usage of TapHero cards.
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