Discover an unparalleled blend of innovation and efficiency in property showcasing.
TapHero's NFC technology is tailored to propel real estate professionals into a realm of effortless engagement and precise lead capture.
TapHero is designed to help you prioritize prospects
...and boost your sales
Streamlined Access
Offer instant, streamlined access to property information, setting a new standard in buyer engagement.
Digital Insights
Digitally capture leads and feedback, optimizing your follow-up strategy.
Community Integration
Foster stronger community relations by integrating local businesses into your events.
Redefine how you connect with potential buyers and the community.
Real estate professionals pay an annual license fee of $365 and purchase smart cards at a cost of $10 per card. We charge a property setup fee of $100 per property for effortless engagement and precise lead capture.
Essential Package
1-10 Properties
  • NFC Property Showcase: Instantly share property details, virtual tours, and contact info with a simple tap, elevating the open house experience.
  • NFC Portfolio Gallery: Transform your property showcase into an interactive gallery, empowering attendees to explore at their pace.
  • NFC Feedback Stations: Capture real-time feedback post-tours, gauging interest and gathering valuable insights.
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Advanced Package
11-20 Properties
  • All features of Essential Package, plus:
  • NFC Treasure Hunt: Engage attendees in an adventurous treasure hunt, leading them through a curated selection of properties.
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Elite Package
21+ Properties
  • All features of Advanced Package, plus:
  • NFC Property Auction: Simplify the auction process with instant access to property details, ensuring informed bidding.
  • NFC Community Engagement: Collaborate with local businesses to create a holistic event, promoting community alongside your properties.
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Unlocking Your Real Estate Potential with Taphero:
A 3-Step Guide
Taphero Smart Cards are designed to revolutionize the way real estate professionals interact with potential buyers and showcase properties. Here's a simple three-step process to get started:
Choose Your Package
Evaluate Your Needs: Assess the number of properties you wish to showcase and select a package that suits your requirements - Essential, Advanced, or Elite.
Complete Your Purchase: Pay the annual license fee, the one-time property setup fee, and the cost for the number of NFC cards needed.
Setup Your Properties
Register Your Properties: Log into your Taphero account and register each property you want to showcase. Provide detailed information, images, virtual tours, and contact details for each listing.
Receive Your NFC Cards: Once your properties are registered, you’ll receive your Taphero NFC cards. Attach a card to each property to be showcased.
Engage and Analyze
Host Your Events: Organize your property showcases, auctions, or community engagement events. Encourage attendees to interact with the NFC cards to access property details and provide feedback.
Analyze Attendee Interaction: Post-event, log back into your Taphero account to analyze the digital interactions, gather insights on attendee interests, and follow up on leads generated.

Invest in a tool that grows with you,
adapts to your needs
TapHero delivers a remarkable dining experience that will have the town talking about your restaurant.
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