Frictionless Experiences
The limits of our personal experience and the value of statistics
Personal interactions are part of what informs our worldview
The article, written by Max Roser on "Our World in Data", emphasizes the limitations of relying solely on personal experiences to understand the world. Given the vastness of the world, personal experiences cover only a minuscule fraction.
For instance, even if one knows 800 people, it represents just 0.00001% of the global population. The article also highlights the narrow horizon of our personal experiences, as the people we know are often quite similar to us. While personal interactions provide depth, they lack the breadth that statistics offer. The media, especially news, offers a fragmented view of the world, focusing on unusual events and often ignoring everyday occurrences. To truly understand the world, one needs to rely on global statistics, which provide a comprehensive picture of global trends, demographics, and changes. However, it's essential to be aware of the potential shortcomings of data and statistics.

We've published articles by emphasizing the need for a statistical understanding of the world to be central to our culture, as it provides a holistic view that personal experiences and news often miss.
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