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Tap-enabled interactions for a quick & easy last mile connect.
Engage, Connect, and Transform with EventBuoy's Smart Business Cards
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Smart Business Cards & Event Nametags
Powered by NFC Technology
In today's fast-paced event landscape, seamless interactions are the key to memorable experiences.
With EventBuoy's NFC-enabled smart business cards, we are redefining networking and engagement.
  • Boost Attendee Engagement
    NFC business cards enable attendees to connect easily with each other and with sponsors.
  • Increased Brand Awareness
    Sponsors can use NFC business cards to promote their products and services to attendees.
  • Lead Generation
    Collect leads from attendees using NFC business cards, optimizing your event for networking and business opportunities.
  • Contactless Check-In
    Attendees can use their NFC business cards for quick and easy event check-ins, avoiding long lines.
  • Interactive Networking
    Attendees can use their NFC business cards to share their contact information, social media profiles, and other relevant information seamlessly
  • Tap Analytics
    Event organizers can use EventBuoy's analytics tools to monitor & measure the performance of their events
Get your Personalized Smart Business Card today
EventBuoy offers a range of features
Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your events.
Venue Mapping & Tracking Technology with Frontdoor
Understand your attendee experience with our innovative venue mapping and tracking technology.
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Advanced Event Analytics with Frontdoor
Use EventBuoy's analytics tools to track the performance of your events and gain insights into attendee behavior.
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