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A Microsoft Future Decoded Event Showcase
Powered by EventBuoy's NFC Technology
Microsoft Future Decoded
A tech-business convention focused on digital transformation, showcasing cutting-edge technologies created by Microsoft and showcased at 55 booths to attracting business leaders, journalists, and technology enthusiasts.
We showcase the synergy between EventBuoy's NFC technology and Microsoft's Future Decoded event paved the way for streamlined registrations, enhanced networking, and real-time attendee data capture, setting a new benchmark in managing tech-business conventions.
The Microsoft Future Decoded Event, a bustling hub of over 2500 chief executives and tech aficionados, presented a complex matrix of challenges and demands.

At its core, the event requisites were four-fold:
Queue Management: The conventional registration desks with long queues were a bottleneck, delaying the entry and engagement of attendees.
Instant Verification: A swift verification process was needed to authenticate the identities of the CxOs, ensuring a secure yet rapid entry.
A blend of efficiency, intuitiveness, and real-time data management posed a significant challenge, laying down the gauntlet for EventBuoy to showcase its technological prowess in managing large-scale, high-stake events.
The demand for a sophisticated, real-time data management system was clear. The solution had to be robust to handle the large influx of CxOs, intuitive to provide a seamless user experience, and agile enough to provide real-time insights for both attendees and organizers.
Navigating the Future:
We decoded an holistic approach for Microsoft
EventBuoy architects a trajectory of innovative solutions, steering the Microsoft Future Decoded Event towards a realm of seamless registrations, insightful attendee journey analytics, and engaging, real-time interactions.
  • NFC-based Check-ins
    Rapid Registration:
    Attendees can simply tap their NFC-enabled devices for instantaneous check-in.
    Real-time Data Sync:
    Organizers receive real-time data on attendee check-ins for better crowd management.
    Enhanced Security:
    Only authenticated NFC tags allow access to the event
  • Information Sharing via a Tap
    Attendees can tap their NFC-enabled devices at designated spots to instantly view the event's schedule or session details.

    Digital Event Maps for directions to workshops or sessions.

    Eco-friendly approach by reducing the need for printed materials
  • Networking through a Tap
    Digital Business Card Exchange:
    Facilitating seamless networking among attendees.
    Personalized Interactions:
    Enabling deeper networking experiences through access to LinkedIn profiles, portfolios, etc., on tapping devices​
At "38 seconds per delegate" EventBuoy's NFC technology enabled & delivered a swift registration process.
Tangible benefits and efficiency brought about by EventBuoy
Evetnbuoy intuitive solutions enhanced attendee experiences at Microsoft Decoded by facilitating easier navigation and interaction within the event venue
  • A drastic reduction in waiting times for attendees that could effortlessly tap their NFC-enabled devices for instantaneous check-in, making the entry process a breeze.
  • Product leads accessed real-time tracking of attendee movements, providing invaluable insights into engagement and interaction trends.
  • Product owners were able to view areas of high attendee engagement, aiding organizers in understanding traffic flow and optimizing venue layout.
  • Personalized communication fostered richer interactions and conversions, enhancing the overall event experience for both attendees and product owners.
Trust and Technology Drive Success
Leading brands rely on Eventbuoy to seamlessly manage events, build connections, and drive meaningful engagement
An innovative platform that combines all aspects of event management into one user-friendly app.
From planning to execution, and from contactless check-ins to post-event analytics. EventBuoy transforms your workflow and ensures successful events every time.
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