Key features with TapHero Smart business cards
We offer physical 3d printed business cards enabled with NFC to our customers & community. The smart business cards are for an active web3 community.
TapHero Smart card's evokes the digital smart contracts behind each business card. Smart cards are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain.

  • Smart business cards are digital business cards that are created as unique digital collectibles. This allows each card to have a unique identifier and metadata.
  • Creating an smart business card minted on blockchain provides proof of ownership and scarcity. The owner has sole ownership of that unique version.
  • Smart business cards have advantages over traditional paper business cards. They can contain more information through multimedia like images, videos, and URLs. They enable real-time updates if contact info changes.
  • Smart business cards can be easily shared and displayed online. Recipients can add them to their crypto wallets or digital card collections.
  • EventBuoy offer services to create and issue NFT business cards. The owner can customize the design and details.
  • Once created, smart cards can be gifted or sold to others on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Prices vary based on factors like exclusivity.

The niche is still emerging.
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