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Explore how we helped Fujitsu streamline sales operations, foster global networking among sales teams, and enhance on-site navigation through a custom digital platform.
The Challenge
Fujitsu’s GDCs faced the challenge of coordinating sales operations across multiple countries.

The need for a centralized platform to showcase sales events, provide real-time sales dashboard updates, collect sales opportunities, aid in way-finding within development centers, and facilitate local networking for global order fulfillment was paramount.
We tailored our robust TITAN solution to create a custom app encompassing:
Event Showcasing: Displaying sales events across the seven GDCs.
Sales Dashboard: Providing real-time sales updates, targets, and achievements.
Opportunity Collection: Streamlining the collection and management of sales opportunities through customizable forms.
Way-Finding: Incorporating interactive maps for easy on-site navigation.
Networking Platform: Facilitating local and global networking among sales teams to expedite global order fulfillment.
Zoom in on a few of the Fujitsu GDC app screens.
A phased approach ensured a smooth implementation:
Phase 1:
Pilot project at one GDC for requirement validation.
Phase 2
Full-scale rollout across all seven GDCs post successful pilot.
Phase 3
Continuous updates and training to ensure optimal utilization of the platform.

The tailored solution led to:
  • Increased Engagement: Higher collaboration levels among sales teams.
  • Efficient Opportunity Management: Streamlined process for managing sales opportunities.
  • Enhanced Navigation: Time-saving and improved on-site experiences.
  • Global Order Fulfillment: Expedited global order fulfillment through enhanced local and global networking.
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