Frictionless Experiences
Transforming Exhibitions into Digital Experiences
Discover exhibitors like never before, engage with interactive product showcases, experience NFC magic at booths, and voice your feedback in real-time.
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Exhibitor Directory: Your Guide to Every Booth
Navigate with ease and never miss a booth with our detailed exhibitor directory.

Browse through exhibitor profiles, get to know them before you even set foot on the floor, and map out your visit for a streamlined exhibition experience.
Showcase Your Best with Product Showcases
Why just tell when you can show? Exhibitors, amplify your presence with rich product details, captivating videos, and vivid images.

Attendees, dive deep into what's on offer even before you reach the booth.
Tap & Go with NFC Interactions
Say goodbye to bulky brochures and hello to the future. Just tap your NFC-enabled device or badge at any exhibitor booth.

Instantly receive product details, exclusive promotional materials, and even unlock special discount codes. A cleaner, greener, and smarter way to interact!
Get Real Insights with Live Polls & Feedback
Engage in real-time with your audience. Exhibitors, gauge the impact of your showcase with instant polls. Attendees, share your thoughts and feedback instantly.

Drive conversations that matter and refine your exhibition strategy on the go.
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Trust and Technology Drive Success
Leading brands rely on Eventbuoy to seamlessly manage events, build connections, and drive meaningful engagement
An innovative platform that combines all aspects of event management into one user-friendly app.
From planning to execution, and from contactless check-ins to post-event analytics. EventBuoy transforms your workflow and ensures successful events every time.
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