Adoption of digital collectibles leveraging smart business cards.
Impacting the dynamics of professional networking.
The adoption of smart business cards add value to professional networking in interesting ways:
  • Digital durability - Since smart cards are minted on blockchain, the information they contain remains accessible and verifiable even if you lose touch with the person. This helps maintain networking connections.
  • Novelty factor - The uniqueness of each smart card compared to generic paper cards could serve as a conversation starter and aid memorability. The novelty may pique people's interest.
  • Signaling tech-savviness - Using a smart card could signal one is tech-forward, innovative, and attuned to new digital trends. This could benefit tech-focused professionals.
  • 24/7 accessibility - Smart cards are accessible anytime, anywhere since they live online. This enables more opportunities for connections versus physical card exchanges.
  • Built-in verification - The blockchain-backed identifiers on smart cards help prevent forged contact details and verify identities. This bolsters security.
  • Multimedia contacts - Smart cards can embed video messages, social links, photos, presentations etc. This ability to share diverse contact content could foster deeper networking.
  • Gamification - Collecting and displaying smart cards from industry influencers may become a status symbol like "getting their business card." This could incentivize networking.
Smart business cards on the blockchain have exciting potential to shift professional networking towards being more digital, verifiable, dynamic and multidimensional.

But mainstream adoption would likely take time.
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