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Master Your Event's Pulse with Frontdoor Analytics
From attendee engagement to exhibitor performance, dive deep into data-driven insights and elevate your event's impact.
Engage & Thrive:
Monitor Every Attendee Behavior
  • Pre, During & Post Metrics
    Monitor attendee engagement at every phase of your event.
  • Optimize Marketing Channels
    Understand which strategies drive the most registrations and refine your approach
  • Boost Session & Networking
    Keep a close watch on session attendance and foster meaningful connections
Exhibitor Excellence:
Dive Deep into Performance Metrics
  • Visitor Insights
    Delve into visitor counts, peak times, and content engagement.
  • Lead Generation Mastery
    Track and enhance engagement, ensuring exhibitors and sponsors achieve their goals.
  • Performance Indicators
    Stay ahead with real-time KPIs tailored for event success
ROI Revealed:
Quantify Your Event's True Impact
  • Audience Understanding
    Grasp the unique needs, skills, and interests of your attendees
  • Engage with Influencers
    Identify and connect with the game-changers present at your event.
  • Partner Activity Evaluation
    Assess the contributions and popularity of collaborators, ensuring mutual growth
Why Frontdoor Analytics?
Harness the power of data with Frontdoor's Advanced Event Analytics. Transform raw numbers into actionable insights, ensuring every event surpasses the last.
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