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Unlock the Future of Networking, Hospitality and Property Showcasing with TapHero
Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds

TapHero is not merely a technological tool; it's a digital envoy enabling industries to navigate the vast sea of digital data with ease. The ripple effects of its innovation are set to reverberate through the corridors of various sectors, reshaping how they interact with digital information and, by extension, how they operate, innovate, and grow.
Networking, Lead-generation and Sales
Redefined with NFC Business Cards
For Networking
  • Quick sharing of digital content with a tap
  • Eco-friendly and customizable
  • Networking analytics to track and optimize efforts
  • Tiered pricing for enhanced savings
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For Restaurants
  • Interactive digital menus, instant reviews, loyalty programs, and more
  • Reduced operational costs and increased customer engagement
  • Options for customer: digital menu access, loyalty rewards, event reminders, etc.
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For Real Estate
  • Streamlined access to property information
  • Digital insights through lead capture and feedback
  • Packages tailored for varying property numbers and features
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TapHero Partner Proposal
We offer priority support to ensure priority support and assign a dedicated account manager to assist our affiliates in effectively utilizing TapHero.
For Real Estate Professionals
Subscription Basis: 10 properties
Standard Pricing: $365 annual license, $100 per property setup fee, and $10 per NFC card
Commission: 10%

Reduced Setup Fee:
We offer our partners a discounted setup fee of $75 per property instead of the standard $100 for the first year of subscription.

Complimentary NFC Cards:
For every 10 NFC cards purchased, get an additional 5 NFC cards at no extra cost.
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For Restaurants
Package: Starter Package (50 smart cards)
Standard Pricing: $350 per package (Software license to be purchased separately)
Commission: 10%

Discount on Bulk Purchases:
We offer a 10% discount on the Starter Package for multi-chain restaurants ordering more than one package or on repeat orders.

Free Initial Setup for annual agreements
We waived the software license fee for the first month to allow restaurants to explore and set up their digital menu without an immediate investment.
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TapHero is Your Ideal Partner
Partnering with TapHero by EventBuoy provides exclusive access to our NFC Business Cards and TapHero technology, offering a unique, tech-forward solution for networking and property showcasing.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve
    Equip your clients with the ability to seamlessly blend digital and physical interactions, ensuring they are at the forefront of technological advancements in their respective industries.
  • Attractive Margins and Tiered Pricing
    Competitive Edge: Our tiered pricing model not only ensures affordability for your clients but also enhances profitability for you as a partner.
    More Sales, More Savings: The more your clients order, the more they save, making our products incredibly attractive for both individual professionals and larger organizations.
    Rewarding Commissions: Enjoy lucrative commissions on every sale, providing a steady and rewarding revenue stream.
  • Training and Continuous Support:

    • Seamless Onboarding: We ensure that you are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully promote EventBuoy’s products through our comprehensive training sessions.
    • Dedicated Support: Our team is always ready to assist you with any queries or challenges, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied clients.
    • Marketing Assistance: Gain access to a range of marketing materials and support to effectively communicate the benefits of our products to your clientele.
A Partnership with TapHero by EventBuoy transcends a conventional alliance.
  • No Minimum, Maximum Savings

    Zero MOQs: Order precisely what you need, ensuring you never overcommit resources. Plus, enjoy substantial savings on bulk orders to maximize your budget efficacy
  • Digital Management, Simplified

    Customizable Digital Content: Tailor your digital content effortlessly to mirror your brand and evolving needs.
    Seamless Profile and Link Management: Update and manage profiles/links with ease, ensuring your digital presence is always current and impactful.
  • Choose Your Ideal Plan
    Flexible TapHero Plans and Packages: Your prospects can select from a variety of TapHero plans and packages, designed to align seamlessly with your objectives and budget.
  • Good Support
    Perfect for Larger Teams: Optimally designed for organizations boasting 25+ employees, ensuring scalable solutions for larger teams.
    Ideal for Brokers: A dream for brokers managing a minimum of 10 properties, providing tools that enhance property management and client engagemen
  • Versatility Across Sectors
    Exploring Various Sectors: Excellently suited for a diverse range of sectors, including Corporate, Real Estate, and Restaurants, providing versatile solutions that adapt to varied industry needs.

A Partnership with TapHero by EventBuoy transcends a conventional alliance. It's an engagement where innovation, financial prosperity, and unwavering support converge to foster a mutually beneficial relationship. As our partner, you gain exclusive access to our pioneering NFC technology products, ensuring your offerings are always a step ahead in the market.

Our tiered pricing model and rewarding commissions pave the way for attractive financial gains, providing a win-win situation for you and your clients. Moreover, our robust training and ongoing support guarantee that you’re never alone on this journey. Together, let's redefine networking and property showcasing, creating a ripple of technological advancement across industries!
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