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3D Printed Smart Business Cards Service for Event Attendees
Discover a ground-breaking way to network and commemorate events with 3D Printed Business Cards Service. Dive into a realm where artistry and digital innovation converge, offering a tangible memento of your event adventures.
Why 3D Printed Smart Business Cards?
Networking in the modern era demands a blend of creativity, technology, and personal connection. Our 3D printed business cards, embedded with NFC tags representing unique data properties, provide a novel way to share contact information while cherishing the artistic essence of influential creators.
Features that Stand Out

Unparalleled Designs
Immerse in a collection of designs envisioned by illustrious artists. Each card is a meticulously 3D printed masterpiece, embodying both a networking utility and a piece of art.

Rarity Spectrum
Delve into a rarity hierarchy with distinctive levels, gauged by artist-inspired designs, 3D print intricacy, and the novelty of materials and finishes employed.

NFC Tag Integration
Bid farewell to conventional QR codes. A simple scan of the embedded NFC tag unveils a digital realm where you can appreciate the art, delve into the artist's narrative, and connect with the card owner.

Trade or Treasure
Opt to trade or sell your 3d art in our dedicated marketplace. Engage in captivating challenges like amassing all art of a particular artist or from a singular event.

On-the-spot Creation
Our event booths enable you to select your preferred design, witness its 3D printing, and receive your NFC-embedded card there and then. It’s more than a card; it’s an experience.

Design Collaborations
We join forces with eminent artists to concoct exclusive designs for our 3D printed cards. With varying rarity levels and special editions for high-profile events, every card is a narrative waiting to be shared.

Tailored Service Packages
We offer an array of packages to meet the unique needs of event organizers. From standard design sets to exclusive artist collaborations and special material options, we’ve got something for every event scale.

A Glimpse Ahead
Envision a broader spectrum with other 3D printed memorabilia like badges, keychains, or mini sculptures. The horizon also holds promises of augmented reality integrations, animating the art through a simple NFC scan on your mobile device.

Transform Your Networking Landscape with TapHero
Taphero's service is more than a modern networking tool; it’s a gateway to interactive, artistic, and memorable event experiences.

Step into a domain where every handshake is accompanied by a slice of digital artistry, and every event leaves a tangible, collectible trace in your professional journey.
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