But first, a brief refresher on how beacons work. They are battery-powered devices that use Bluetooth low energy signals to connect with other devices.

When a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone comes within 100–130 feet of a beacon, the two devices can communicate.

Customers must have downloaded an app that is capable of communicating with beacon signals, and they must enable Bluetooth, location services and push notifications on their devices for data to transmit.

Once in proximity to a beacon that it is programmed to recognize, the app can trigger messages customized to the user's attributes to delivery of highly relevant one-on-one communication.


  • Digital sign flippers
  • Personal call ahead concierge
  • Customer support team
  • Table-side service
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Secret or Exclusive Menu Options


RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Passive tags collect energy from a nearby RFID reader's interrogating radio waves.

Multiple RFID readers installed at multiple locations at the event venue and RFID tags are carried by each visitor. Identification of unlimited no of visitors can be done from a distance of multiple meters by our sophisticated HF/ UHF long- range RFID readers with a completely non line of sight communication and with no manual intervention.

Real time updates are displayed instantly at the venue and also they reach a wide audience outside through social media. The major tasks carried out by our event automation solution are: Identification, authentication, access control, traffic flow monitoring, social media integration, event analysis etc.

See our Microsoft Case Study

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