The agenda module displays the date-wise itinerary for a day of the event. In case of a multi day event , the dates can be scrolled easily to see agenda for a specific day. The user also has an option to add any item to his personal agenda module (My Calendar ) and link it to Google Calendar to set reminders.


In any event , there are always a group of people who would be in the spotlight by the virtue of either being the chief guest , speaker for the event or merely being an organiser . In all of the above situations , the EB platform takes care of making people/users aware of such distinguished people (and any of their achievements) . This module also gives the users an option of rating the “speakers” , in case a feedback is sought for the same.


One of the most important features of this application is the Polls module. For any questions that require the user’s opinions or if a quick mood-gauging is needed , the Polls module comes to the rescue . All the results are available real-time .


The Q&A module goes a long way in engaging the crowd . Using the Q&A , any user of Eventbuoy for an event can ask questions directly to the speakers (from the Speakers module) .This reduces confusion during live Q&A sessions and everybody gets a chance to ask questions .


Using cloud messaging ,instant alerts are sent to some or all users .


Cab service providers' apps like Uber and Ola etc are integrated here to facilitate cab bookings by user.


The QR code scanner scans the QR code of another user and helps to save the contact details automatically to the phone of the user.


Navigation module encompasses mapview (Google etc )to help people navigate to the venue of the event. especially helpful for out-of-town. The floor plans for an event can also be given for a venue here.


The Content Management Solution is at the heart of Eventbuoy , managing all data that is visible on it . Data fed into CMS is available instantly to all users . User information , generating OTPs for forgotten passwords is regulated here.


The Design Management System gives users the power to change the look and feel of the app by changing background , icons and colours in the application.

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