The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), is India's central banking institution, which controls the monetary policy of the Indian rupee.

Workshops, training programs and remote meetings are a part of the daily schedule for Deputy Governors, Policy makers and Institutional Advisors at RBI. With over 200 focused attendees accessing over 300 sessions throughout the year, managing the RSVP, distribution of documents, and post event meeting reports involves real time data & relevant updates.


Meeting, workshop updates & training program takeaways in a classroom setting is simple with a face to face advantage. Remote attendees at RBI events are expected to provide feedback instantly. With over 30 events per month, lateral schedules for individuals, frequent version updates to the document repository - real time information and on mobile was a need.


The RBI events coordinators and attendees were moved to a white labelled EventBuoy solution.

The three part solution included mobile apps, a Web/Server based application that provides a Content Management System to manage content on mobile apps, and a Design Management System that allows you to design app assets for each event.

1.Multiple stakeholders at different locations used EB to manage meeting schedules, agendas, speakers, documents etc

2.Invitations for online & offline meetings were managed via the app within the RBI departments

3.Attendee Profiles, Speaker profiles were connected within the app, and individual meeting requests were carried out via the app

4.Meeting Documents are shared from the app

5.Meetings where the Governor is present re identified by a special color code.

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