Intelligent bots are designed & built on three components - signals, data and function. EB on artificial intelligence (iEB) identifies contextual signals, analyses existing data and delivers an interaction dependent on the event phase.

Beyond a chatbot, iEB allows you to design experiences that interface with the audience seamlessly. Adding AI capabilities to the event support team can resolve repetitive problems quickly. 24x 7 and without human interaction.


Expand the experience to automate event ticket recommendations & booking, and lead recommendations to exhibitors & sponsors, pushing out contextual information to attendees, building personalized attendee agendas based on interests, & reactive feedback capture are a few use cases with iEB.

iEB enables you to transform daily interactions to an opportunity to boost event RoI. iEB is a relatively humble start, our goal this year is to enhance the entire suite of Eventbuoy with AI.
Let's make a conscious effort to move away from using an app to having a ‘conversation’ and frictionless experiences.

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