Participating in an exhibition or putting together one is a significant investment, and measuring your returns is impossible without accurate data. Exhibitors demand relevant footfalls, and exhibition owners are aware of the need to deliver this audience to exhibitors.
Eventbuoy platform and apps provide you a single interface to connect with potential prospects and map offline-online footprints to augment existing marketing efforts. Simplify registrations at exhibitions, using automated kiosks and badge printing solutions that harness the capabilities of hardware - integrated with QR codes, beacons, Wifi, NFC and RFID’s.

Insights on audience segments through social profiling enable exhibitors to send out relevant communication at the right time. Meet the right person, identify potential customers and facilitating meets with the booth representative are some of the nifty offerings in the EventBuoy suite.
Improve bottom line expectations, leverage mobility to create an additional stream to generate revenue, and amplify audience reach with the EventBuoy platform and apps.


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